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Lore Dress

Lore Dress

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Introducing our enchanting dress, Lore dress available for little girls from 3 months to 24 months. This beautiful dress is available in two timeless colors: white and black, offering versatility and elegance for any occasion.

The Lore dress is a true standout with its stunning bow detail on the front, creating a striking contrast against the beautifully tailored silhouette. The bow adds an element of charm and sophistication, making your little one look even more adorable.

Designed with a flared skirt, the Lore dress exudes a sense of grace and playfulness. The skirt flows effortlessly, allowing your little girl to twirl and dance with joy. The attention to detail is evident in the intricate fabric, which features shimmering accents of delicate, small flowers. These sparkling details add a touch of magic to the dress.

Elevate your little one's style with the Lore dress, a true gem in our dress collection.

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